Am I the right coach for you?

Are you a creative leader in a mission driven organization who is feeling under pressure to lead differently? Are the changes you have to deal with coming faster than you can adapt?

Are you wondering if it is time to take a new direction in your life either personally or professionaly and want perspective from an objective source? 

Do you yearn for your life and work to be connected more to your most important values?

Would an accountability partner outside of your system help you move forward?

If you answered 'Yes!' to any of those questions, we should talk!

About Coaching

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About me

I am passionate about working with people who are called to serve in mission driven work, who are feeling stuck or having difficulty overcoming a challenge in their personal or professional life, or who have the sneaky suspicion that they are called to do something new. I am commited to helping you use your particular giftedness in ways in which you are called to make the world a better place and thrive while doing so.

I am a minister of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA). Most of my ministry was bi-vocational in the Twin Cities where I served in Fortune 500 companies in the area of Learning and Development and Leadership Development while serving mid- to large- sized congregations as music director, and minister of worship and music. I served for many years as rostered deacon as member of the Deaconess Community ELCA, and now as a minister of Word and Sacrament (pastor). I completed my initial coaching credential with Coach Training Alliance in 2017 and am an ACC certified trainer with the International Coach Federation (ICF), the world-wide coaching professional organization. 

Why "spiritual accompanist"? I have found that compartmentalizing our relationship with the Divine from the rest of life is not helpful, even as our culture drills into us that our spirituality is personal and private. People that I talk with, in and out of "organized" religion, yearn to align their connection to the Divine with how they live their lives. When we address change and challenge, it is helpful to be honest and open about the health and importance of your spiritual core. I experience the Divine as joyful and dance-like, so who doesn't need some more good music to dance to? And maybe a few new dance steps?

Why "not fainthearted"? In my spiritual tradition the most common encouragement is "be not afraid." And yet so much of our life in the 21st century is fueled by fear. About fifteen years ago I was facing massive change in every part of my life. After a particularly rough night of prayer and lament I heard a still small voice say "You are not fainthearted. I will be with you through it all." 

It takes courage to live these days. It takes courage to lead, whether in your family, your profession, or our society. You are not fainthearted, either. And you are not alone.

Let's walk this part of your path together. 

About Coaching

Coaching is a different kind of accompaniment than you may have experienced. It is distinct from counseling, pastoral care, or spiritual direction. It is not the same as mentoring. Coaching is a relationship between equals. As your coach, I do not presume to have all the answers, nor am I there to diagnose you or tell you what you should do. 

The coaching arrangement is focused on helping you discern your path through your specific life opportunities and challenges and then taking the necessary action steps to follow your path. I am passionate about doing that in a way that keeps you connected to your spiritual center (however you define that.) If in our conversation I think you would benefit from a different kind of listening accompaniment, I will tell you (that's part of the code of ethics I follow as an ICF certified coach.)  

As your coach, I listen to you deeply and intently with the purpose of asking you powerful questions that help you unlock your own wisdom and make your own decisions around your plan and action steps. I can serve as an accountability partner to what you have commited to yourself to do. I will encourage you to tap into the deep well of creativity and potential that is part of who you are. I will ask you to use the internal and external resources you have developed in your life.

Often coaching is focused on a particular transition, project, or challenge rather than as an ongoing open-ended relationship. My basic package is for 12 sessions over four months.

I would love to talk with you to see if I'm the right coach for you.

Your first session is free. 

See why coaching connected to Spirit is right for you.

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Not sure which path is right for you?

I'll walk with you.

Life these days is not for the fainthearted and that's especially true if you are trying to lead a family, an organization or community. Or even just be in the world.

Coaching is a co-creative relationship that helps you tap into your wisdom to make changes in your life with the accompaniment you need to be not fainthearted while you do it. 

Ideal times to work with a coach are when you feel increasing conflict between your personal and professional life, are stuck around a decision or are struggling to make a dream project come to life. Coaching is focused on helping you move forward.  

You aren't alone in this.

Making and implementing change is not for the fainthearted. I can help.

Connecting Wisdom

Coaching helps you tap into your deep wisdom and creativity that you need to discern your path forward and take steps to follow that path.  

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Getting un-Stuck

When you begin to wonder if it is time to make a change but you are not quite sure which change to make, coaching can help you get beyond that spinning wheels stage. Coaching provides the accountability partner you need to move forward.

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Finding Perspective

Sometimes changing perspective is enough to shift a situation to one where you can thrive. Coaching can help you find the perspective you need to move through challenging times more health-fully. 

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Your first session is free.

See why coaching connected to Spirit is right for you. 

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